VR Healthcare Physiotherapy

This was a VR Project we did at Samsung, for a big Hospital Network from Brazil, called Albert Einstein. The challenge was to come up with a idea of VR Experience on how to train people that suffered head injuries and strokes to gain their neck and torso movements again during Physiotherapy sessions. So, together with the team, I came up with the idea to develop a game where you could control the famous Japanese Koy fish, to collect food and energy, from one side to another underwater, untill he becomes a dragon and start collecting energy on the skies. I did all the planning of the 2D and 3D Assets, modeled, textured and sculpted the fish and dragons, and developed the pipeline for integration on the game engine (unity). I also developed a turnaround to bake vray pre-rendered lightning on the dragon and other animated 3d models, to avoid using lightning in realtime, since GearVR (the target hardware platform) is very limited regarding 3d graphics. Very nice work experience, creating great 3d work and helping people getting better. One of the most important projects I've done at Samsung R&D Studio.

May 19, 2021