Monsteel toys are new range of figures with augmented reality apps included.

Monsteel is a brand of innovative Brazilian toy designers Toys Talk who specialize in augmented reality and app toys.

I worked modeling the high poly sculpture and textures of Slime and Little Slime, both villains of Monsteel App. My friend André Scudiere and Marcus Estevan helped me on rigging, retopology and animation. Labareda Design company developed the comic books inside the app.

It's very nice to see your work on a transmedia product, becoming a toy and an augmented reality app at the same time!

Monsteel characters, such as McMummy, Draclord and Silly Wolf, are monsters who are sick and tired of being just monsters and wish they were super heroes instead, in fact, a League of Monster Heroes.

But these are no ordinary monster figures. Monsteel figures spring to life when scanned with a tablet or smartphone loaded with the Monsteel app.

April 13, 2018